i have been using the bluetooth dongle to send pictures and music from my pc. to my phone. {sony ericsson k610i} the problem i am having, is that my phone does not pic up the bluetooth device when i try to send files to my pc even trhough my phone sees the blue tooth in mydevices on the phone. can any one help please thankyou. :o

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Are they designed to work together. Have you checked the websites of both manufacturers to look at the online instructions?


when you see your phone located by your bluetooth double click on it and it should come up with everything in your phone. Simply come out of your phone click the item you want to send right click scroll down to send to. Look for Bluetooth devices go there. if your phone is already paired to the computer then you should have no further problems



You right click on the picture or song. look for send to then it should have your bluetooth in that drop down box


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