Hi -

Hope someone can help me because I called Tech Support for the MP3 player and they were no help. I have a new inexpensive MP3 player from RCA. Model # M202. No instructions for Mac users were provided. I called RCA and they said with a Mac, just plug it in and then drag and drop your songs from iTunes to the icon for the MP3 player on the desktop. Plugged it in via USB, copied 60 songs from iTunes to MP3 player (looks just like copying files to an external drive). No problem. I disconnected from the USB cord, fired up the MP3 player and it says NO FILES. I plugged it back in to the USB, check the drive, all songs are there. Unplugged it, turned it on again, NO FILES. I called Tech Support back and she said delete everything off the MP3 player, make a new folder called MUSIC and then re-copy all the songs. Well, I dragged all the songs to the trash. When I tried to empty the trash, my machine locked up. I've now restarted more than a dozen times and I cannot get the stupid thing to show up on my desktop again! UGH! Can anyone tell me how to get this thing to work?! PLEASE?


Tamie ... what format were the songs in mp3 or mp4 or ? and try restarting your mac and restarting the mp3 player and plug it into the mac again. Is the player a Lyra. Lemme know if the icon shows up again. what version of itunes are you using?