Can anyone help?! I am mostly computer illiterate unfortunately and have tried everything I know to do with this stupid MP3 player. I bought an MP3 player last week, installed it, downloaded songs, and it worked fine for about two days and then wouldn't put any sound out. So, I took it back, got another one, brought it home, plugged it up, installed it, and when trying to download songs the computer is not recognizing the player. So, when I go to MY Computer to try to rectify the problem there's not even an MP3 player icon to click on, so I'm guessing that the computer is not recognizing the USB cable. I tried troubleshooting - uninstalled, reinstalled, shut the computer down NUMEROUS times, uninstalled, reinstalled.......It still won't recognize the player. What do I do now? Can anybody help?
I also went to Device Manager and right clicked and it says Error code 10, whatever that means.
Thanks in advance!

Well try going to the regedit. And go to windows software. Remove or delete the MP3 software that you installed. Restart and install you software. Restart again. Hope this helps. Well this routine worked for me.

How to go to Regedit. Start -> Run->type Regedit