Here's an interesting question: just how much data do you think your iPhone consumes in an average month? I mean, it's the kind of thing you should know the answer to, given how obsessed everyone seems to be with iPhone service plan data caps and costs.

Rather surprisingly, the carrier which has the iPhone 3G exclusive in Canada, none other than the much maligned Rogers, reckons it is a lot less than you might imagine.

It came under fire online for its data caps which varied from 400MB a month on the $60 plan through to 2Gb at the top end $115 a month plan. In fact, it came under so much hostile fire that it even took cover behind a hastily introduced, albeit for a limited time only, special offer plan which provided 6GB for $30.

Yet all that aside, Rogers reckons that only 1.2 percent of its customers actually used more than 1GB of data in four weeks, with the vast majority using less than 500MB.

In fact, it says that 95 percent used less than 500MB and 91.2 percent used less than 100MB.

Funnily enough, I rarely exceed 200MB of data transfer via my own iPhone in a month and I always thought I was a quite average user of mobile online services. Now it seems that I was right.

So I ask again, out of interest, how much data does your iPhone move in an average month?