There's been no shortage of speculation about apple CEO Steven Jobs has up his sleeve for the media event he's about to give today in San Francisco at 10 am local time. There's even been a leaked photo of a new "taller"iPod that's also thinner and less costly.

Apple today also is expected to make available iPod Touch firmware 2.1, which is rumored to add support for a camera, turn-by-turn GPS navigation and a speakerphone. It has also been reported that firmware 2.1 for iPhone will add background push, enabling the unit to accept messages and perform other tasks without taking focus of the operating system. It's also been speculated that iTunes 8 might be released with tons of new features.

PC Pro was reporting news of a revamped MacBook Pro, complete with a link to this crummy photo of what is supposed to be the new case. Who knows what that thing is, but it has an Apple on it.

Digg founder Kevin Rose posted on his blog the clearest picture so far of a Hershey-bar sized iPod nano, and confirms (or simply mirrors) all the guesses I've just reported, adding that the revamped iPod line is expected to begin shipping in two to three weeks with new reduced prices. You can also hear him describe the news in a video on the same page.

With all the rumors and speculation circulating the Web, only one thing is for sure: If Steve Jobs appears to make his announcements, then recent reports of his death were incorrect.