Now, I know darn good and well to keep open containers away from my laptop, however, as I was walking into my room, mug o' coffee in hand, it splashed a tad. I squawked and promptly wiped it up with the nearest available absorbent material (my t-shirt). It was just a few drops and I thought I was ok, but now I see a slight discoloration in the lower right side of my screen. Oddly, its a brighter color than the rest of the screen (you'd think it would be non-functional or distorted in some way, but no). Is there any other way to help it short of opening the case? I am not that adept at repairing laptops and am loathe to "crack into it."


Just a quick update. The ambient heat from the laptop seems to by drying things out. We'll see how she looks in the morning. :-)