Apple has updated the iPhone and iTouch software to 2.2.1 with immediate effect. The new software is more a bug fixing patch than being packed with exciting new features. So if you were expecting to get that much waited for cut and paste functionality, for example, you will be disappointed. It will not prevent your iPhone cheating on you, for example, nor can it make the iPhone see through walls.

No doubt you will discover soon enough the joys it brings, as soon as you connect your device to iTunes in fact. However, as long as you are sitting down and do not mind the spoiler, I can reveal it will include: a more stable Safari browsing experience and better display of images saved from email when viewed in the camera roll.

The iPhone Dev Team, though, is advising users of jailbroken or unlocked devices not to update whatever they do as 2.2.1 will, for the moment at least, break yellowsn0w and effectively brick your iPhone.

If past form is anything to go by, a new version which works with 2.2.1 will be available within a day or two so you should not have long to wait.