my new computer decided it doesn't like to boot anymore :( Computer is a home-built gaming machine, (dual core, single ATI Radeon 4870, Asus P5Q Deluxe mobo, Vista x64 home premium) has been running fine for about 6 weeks with only minor video card driver issues. I had NOT yet overclocked the CPU, although the video card was slightly software overclocked using ATI's utility.

Anyway, I used the Vista hibernate button, then realized I forgot to check something and tried to click out of it before the computer fully hibernated. Instead of getting back into windows, it just hangs with the vid card fan spinning at what sounds like about 75% and no monitor turn on or other activity. I did a hard turn-off using the case power button and it turns off, but turning it back on gets the same result.

Left it unplugged overnight, didn't seem to help.

When I turn on the computer now, the case fans turn on, the vid card fan goes to 100% then drops to 75%, stays for 5 seconds, turns off then goes back to 100-75% the same way and hangs like that. Monitors do not turn on, keyboard gets power but doesn't fully boot (g15 screen/lights dont turn on).

Had some driver issues with the vid card last week but reinstalled drivers and it seemed to be perfectly stable. I do not have a case speaker so I'm unsure of any beeps, I'll try to scavenge one today to hook up.

I'm pretty sure what's happening is it's trying to recover from the hibernate and isn't able to. Would resetting CMOS force it to boot from scratch (granted, with a needed BIOS update)? Or is there something else I can try?

If you're not posting that's a hdwr. err. not sw. If you have a warranty, USE IT.