According to the often accurate Apple Insider the iPad has sold out. It claims that consumers who want an Apple iPad on the day of launch, that's April the 3rd in the US at least, are out of luck unless they have already pre-ordered. As of Saturday 27th March the iPad is sold out for delivery on the 3rd and the new expect your delivery date has been moved back to April 12th at the soonest.

What this means is that the media hype that Apple so successfully initiated has turned into sales of hundreds of thousands of iPads for the official launch, which by itself will ensure more hype and more sales further down the road. There's even talk now that the iPad could outsell the original iPhone, which managed to shift 1.2 million units during the first three months. Apple just needs to keep its fingers crossed that those style conscious early adopters are happy enough with their WiFi-enabled iPads to keep the overall review and blog consensus positive enough until the second phase of adoption gets going with the release of the 3G models at the end of April.

So, have you pre-ordered and are you in line to be an iPad early adopter or are you waiting for the iPad 3G or maybe even iPad 2.0 before reaching for the credit card? If you are lucky enough to find yourself in possession of an iPad on April 3rd, be sure to let us know here at DaniWeb and post your real world experiences up for all the community to see.

I want to say that I will be waiting for iPad 2.0 to come along and benefit from the better hardware and functionality that will no doubt come as a result.


The reality is that in the run up to Xmas I will decide that I deserve to reward myself for something or other and that reward will come in the shape of an iPad for Xmas from me.

I can't help it, in the end I'm just a sucker for new technology and the iPhone UI is such a glorious user experience that I can't wait to scale it up to an iPad sized one.

And yes, I appreciate the irony of me banging on about how the iPad will not be a game changer right here on DaniWeb. Just file me under one of the many tech journalists who may well end up having to eat a little humble pie if the iPad is as successful as it now looks it might be.