Power2U USB wall outlet: small in stature but massive in value

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Newer Technology
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Allows mobile devices to be charged without wasting an outlet
Much larger in depth than a standard outlet
Fair price for a great device. Free up outlet space without bulky extension cords or power strips.

My mother always said that precious things are often small, and after using this product I couldn’t agree more! Installed, the Power2U USB 118 outlet looks just like a normal outlet but don’t let that fool you. This small gem is quite big in its infinite uses; whether its kids with IPods, any phone with a USB charger, a tablet with your recipes, or anything else. Compatible with all IOS devices it’s a solution for the entire family.

I installed mine in my kitchen, along my counter top backsplash. Although the actual size of this device is more than twice the size of a standard 210 outlet, I was able to squeeze it in place. Do make sure that you have room for the extra depth though. Installation otherwise went smooth, just like changing a regular outlet or light switch, no special wiring needed. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, please contact an electrician. With the USB ‘doors’ closed, power to the USB ports is automatically turned off, which makes this device more ‘green’ than most others of its kind.

I must say, I didn’t think that this would prove to be something that I couldn’t live without. After using the USB functionality to charge any IOS, Android, Blackberry, or other USB device I could find, it proved itself useful in any instance. Without having to waste an outlet on my phone while trying to find a place to plug in the toaster and coffee maker, life is good. At a price point under $30.00, this little luxury is certain worth every penny.