I just made a virtual machine with windows 7 64-bit on my windows 7 desktop that is connected by LAN.

I am trying to access the internet and after playing with the settings enough I am able to be connected to my internet but when I go to open a webpage like google then it says internet explorer cannot display webpage. If I could connect with either NAT or bridged I am not sure. Neither have worked for me despite what internet articles have said. I am not sure if the problem is with my host computer or my virtual computer. I can send you IP's if that will help.



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So whether you assign NAT or bridged depends on your needs. NAT wil hide the guest OS from other nodes on your LAN, just like your Internet router does for you network hosts on the LAN. If you choose bridged, it places the guest on the same logical network as your LAN so your guest can participate on the LAN like if it was directly connected to the network.

Choose one and then we can help troubleshoot.

I want whichever one will allow me to access the internet on the vm. I read that both ways can do that but none have worked for me, so whatever you think is fine!

I would say to start with 'bridged'. That will make the VM appear to be directly connected to your internal network.

Does your network have DHCP off of a router or other device? Or are you assigning IP addresses manually? If it is manual, then you need to setup your VM with an IP on the network along with proper dns.

You should be able to ping the default gateway from the VM. Can you?

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