the motherboard on my compaq presario sr1950nx has died, HP not longer stocks or sells this motherboard, had it in to a shop and they say the power suplly is good but the board is dead, just baffles me that hp has discontinued the board on a 3 1/2 year old computer

its an asus a8n-la, nagami2-gl8e made by asus specifically for hp

looking for some pointer to verify that the board is gone

and also info to help me get the right board from ebay (there are lots listed) HP is no help at all, all they suggest is buy a new HP

when I turn the computer on the cooling fans come on at full speed but thats it, no video no beeps, no attempt to boot either from dvd or hd

I have been told by hp that since the tattoo on the replacement motherboard wont match that my restore disc nor software on the hard drive will not work, but ti has also been suggested to me that if the board is a close enough match the software may not notice, has anyone just switched same model motherboard without issue?

so how do I interpret the numbers on my board to get a right match

the board model is a8n-la nagami2-gl8e, there are lots of this board on ebay but some seen to have numbers that differ from my board

my numbers are
2.00 801
hp pn 5188 5067
(there are various boards on ebay with sliht variations of the above number)

which of these number do I have to match? and whats the odd that a close match will just install without creating issues with the tattoo on the motherboard bios?

Thanks for any and all help and suggestions


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This is your board.

The important part is The Socket needs to be 939 and DDR1 Ram

just baffles me that hp has discontinued the board on a 3 1/2 year old computer

Nowadays technology is moving so fast that in 6 months the product becomes obsolete.

Here perfect Replacement:

To confirm that the Board is gone, try and remove All peripherals including the RAM, Graphics Card, USBs', Hard Drives, etc (Leave only the Fan and processor on with Power Supply) and boot you should not hear any beeps at all but the fans spin up and stay idle.

I think HP is correct ,if you can afford it go and buy yourself a new tower

Ok but the linked motherboard is still good for replacement.

I don't see the difference between the two boards except for the name.

Same chip, same name, same ports, same Diagram, same width, and same specs.

heres the real question I hope someone can answer, theres no question my mb is an asus a8n-la nagami2gl8e, made by asus for hp

hp used this mb in several hp and compaq models, in my case I have a compaq

my mb has a hp part number of 5188-5067

there are several hp mbs of a8n-la nagami2gl8e with similar but varying hp part numbers, why is this are they slight revisions? or boards who's bios has been programed for the different models,

there are 2 with my exact part number, does that mean these 2 are my best bet and are probably close enough match (bios wise) that I shouldnt have a software issue???

is it possible that hp used my exact board bios wise in both hp and compaq machines?

Thanks for the help one and all

I have interchanged motherboards so many times, it not even funny.

If the specs are close enough you won't have any problems. Unless you are using Vista or 7 then it will give you hell.

If you are using xp or 2000 the chances it will give you problems is 10%

Just make sure the socket is the same, and the RAM frequency is the same.
If windows does cry you can always repair it with the CD and it will be back to normal.

Don't stress too much on getting the exact same part number.

I agree, as long as you can understand the manual of the new board and figure out what pins are for the "power on", Hp usually uses a standard two pin power on wire going to the on off switch. Some boards are ATX and some are mini-ATX but the screw holes are the same usually, especially in HPs. But an ATX will not fit in a case that uses Mini-ATX.

You may want to get someone to help you who has done this before.

The bios does not have to match the original motherboard because when you replace the motherboard you are essentially starting over. you will probably have to replace the operating system too.

If you are not going to reformat the harddrive you may have to use the exact same motherboard. To switch Motherboards you have to reformat your harddrive and install a fresh copy of windows usually.

Maddog you don't have to format, you can repair the current install.

I have done this many times. if the Motherboard is close the original you don't even have to repair. But it is recommended.

what I actaully want to do is get the same board out it in and hook everything up and be back in business, hp tells me I cant do that because the motherboard tattoo will be different and my oem os license died with the motherboard but other people like here have said if its close enough it should work as I want

I am trying to get a definition of close enough???

heres the numbers off my board
2.00 801
hp pn 5188-5067

so which number are the one I need to match to be close enough for my plan to work?


Ebay is always a good place to buy stuff cause you can give the seller a bad review if he rips you off. You can even send him an email through ebay messaging and ask him weather or not you need to reload the OS to get it to work.

I have tried that and am keeping my eye on several boards but none of the sellers seem to know the answer either.


Um? what question is that?

I am telling you it will work, there is no question about it, the person at HP that told you it won't work doesn't know / or doesn't want you to know that you can easily replace it w/o any problems.

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