My System Config:
AMD 64 2800+ (1.8 GHZ)
Nvidia Geforce 6200 LE Turbocache
1x512 MB RAM Kingston DDR 400
PSU of Circle : +12V @ 10A

My Graphics card was heating up when i start playing games.
I just placed a local fan below the graphic card's heating core...
Now my Graphic card's temperature is normal... solved.

Now my on-board graphics core is getting heated when i just start the game(5-10 mins).
Onboard graphics is necessary(hwardware), coz i hv gr. card. why on-board gr. is nedded.
Can i disable the onboard graphics thru hardware so that my onboard gr. is not heated.

What is AUX in speedfan. i am using latest speedfan 4.33 version.

How can i cool the temperature of my CPU. Can i place another fan some where to cool down my CPU. Or i will hv to buy the CPU cooler...

and waht is SYSTEM in speedfan ?

My PSU is like this "+12V @ 10A" i.e of 120 Watts. Is my calculation true ?

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your calculation is wrong that just for thr 12v, there are many voltages

take the side panel off of your case and blow all the dust out of your fans (cpu, case, gpu) and see if that improves your temps.

it's hard to know what your mobo is reporting to speed fan, aux could be your southbridge.

if you want to know the wattage of your psu, check the sticker on the side of the psu. should tell you everything you need to know.

i think your system is releasing heat much more due to high heat inside your cpu your computer components and circuits of your system can cause damage,heat is considered as the enemy of every circuits so to reduce your computer's heat inside cpu provide more ventelation and add good and proper heatsink and coolent fan.

1) get conpressed air clean ur system
2) check you case fans
3) make sure room temp is not high or a heater next to a fan
4) make sure you pc can get fresh air
5) check your mobo fans to see if their not stuck

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