I have had this PC running for about 2 years, so its not newly built.
I custom built it with:
A socket 939 motherboard from chaintek. (cant remember model number)
An AMD Athlon CPU
And an ATI Radeon 9800 graphics card

I have just the above and one 512 stick of ram in the case, it powers on fine, but no post happens. I've checked all my connectors, and both my ram and video card work fine in another
machine. What do i do now? is my motherboard toast?

what do you mean no "post" Does it boot to a bios screen?

ah my appologies, a power on self test. In which case can you get to the bios, or is there onboard video you can run off of instead of the radeon. Also have you reset your cmos settings via jumper?

does your keyboard led's lights up when you power on your machine? if it doesn't then there is no signs of life from your mobo...LOL...try to reseat your memory stick and take out your CMOS batt power it on then put it back to reset CMOS...check if it will help.. if nothing happens..then could be a faulty mobo

Sorry i havnt replyed, i've been busy with other things. I've reset my cmos and still nothing, i've also tried another gfx card, so i guess i had better buy another mobo, thanks :)

make sure the computer is plugged in and that the power supply has not been turned off..Something might not be plugged in tightly.make sure you are using the right ram.

do you have a pc speaker connected? if so is there a beep?if you do have one and you dont get a beep even when removing the memory then your mobo is definitely dead!if there is a beep then you should be able to fix it wich the means of elimination!