I had a beep code for memory on my motherboard because I didn't have any memory in it my uncle salvaged it when he gave me the board makes sense than I got a stick of Kingston 3200 528MB.
Now my PC doesn't boot at all just a blank screen, I did notice that the jumper is missing from the BIOS it's an ECS for Intel 848p-a7. I'd really like to get it up in running any hints thanks,

The jumper is missing from the bios, what do you mean?

Remove the video card, and memory stick. Clean their gold contacts first with a pencil eraser before inserting them in their slots. Be sure they are all properly seated.

Reset the cmos through the cmos jumper.

On that motherboard there is a two assembly labeld bios the schematic shows a jumper block closed ciruit on it equals protected and no jumper open equals unprotected. I'm not sure if this is a security feature to prevent people from uneccasarily? Thanks for the idea I'll reset the cmos and go from there.

What you are referring to is a BIOS_WP (Bios Write-Protect jumper). It is used to protect the BIOS boot block from virus infection. When locked (with jumper cap), a BIOS update is impossible. The default is open (no jumper cap).

If possible, test the video card and the ram in another system.