I have a Gateway Tablet CX2618. A few weeks ago I noticed my adapter cord had gotten frayed. I went to WorstBuy and reported it under the warranty. They sent me a new, but different adapter. I didnt like it from the beginning, because sometimes I had to wiggle the cord to get a charge. It has a plug on the tip. I guess its a universal adapter and they just add whichever tip you need. I was always pushing the plug all the way in, or wiggling the cord. A few times the laptop screen would lightened (darken) considerably, then brighten back to normal.

Last night I shut it down and unplugged it. I plugged it in this morning and turned it on. I did some work, shut it down and unplugged it. When I went to turn it on 30 minutes later, it wouldnt power up. I thought it was odd, because it should have been fully charged. Later I plugged the adapter in and it still wouldnt come on. The light on the adapter is on, so I know it is getting power.

I took the battery off the computer and let it sit. After about the 5th time, and and few hours of doing that, I got a blue light on the computer. `The charging light is usually purple. This is bright blue. Doesnt really matter, cause the computer still wont power up. I've only had this adapter for a few days; I think it did something to my computer. . .

Is all my info gone??? What's going on.

Okay, if I jiggle the cord a little the light goes purple, well its kinda magenta -ish, but its closer to the purple charging light. It still wont power up.

Nevermind, the light just turned back blue

What did you do to solve the problem, can you tell us so if another person has this problem we'll know what to do in the future, or they can read this to figure it out..

I know it has been a long time since you asked this. I dont know how I missed it. Actually the problem has not been completely resolved. A new adapter worked temporarily. Luckily the comp is still under warranty. The looked at it and said nothing was wrong, but I was able to get an adapter free. Then it did the exact same thing - two more times. The current cord is showing signs of going out again. I'm sure there is a short or something in the computer.

First I'm going to have them send me a new adapter. Then I'm going to point out that this is the third or fourth time. Maybe now, I'll be able to convince them that there is a problem in the computer.