Hi. I'm trying to help a friend with her computer problems. Compact PC (5-6 years old) running Windows ME. Her DSL internet connection failed and her CD drive failed at the same time. The DSL light on the modem just flashes and the USB light is out. Turning the modem off then back on didn't work. I tried swapping my DSL modem over to her computer and the same light condition was exhibited. Her DSL modem works fine on my computer. Tried a different cable and different ports in the back and on the front...no help. During boot-up the little light on the CD drive doesn't flicker. The CD door won't open with the button. I opened it with a paper clip and inserted a disk but it is just dead...nothing. Ran a virus scan and it found a virus and *cleaned* it. Then rebooted...no help. Tried to run System Restore. It ran for over an hour but the progress bar only moved to approximately the ΒΌ mark and stopped. Then I couldn't close it. I had to use the *Close Program* dialog box to close System Restore. Tried different restore points...same thing. No luck after rebooting either. I'm stumped.


install a fresh OS check if it will help.. make sure also that you use the correct modem driver to install..