Alright so my sound card was going to that evil place down under (yes, australia ;) ) So i booted down my comp and unplugged EVERYTHING and proceeded to take it out. I went to boot the system again but this time i got the error of Boot disc failure. computer was running a rather fresh install of xp (only about a month old) this is really getting on my nerves! here's my comp stat's quick

Pentium d 2.66ghz
1 gb crucial ballistix ram
160gb western digital sata drive (windows is on this)
120 Seagate Ide drive
6800 gt
p13G+ v1.0 mother board
520w OCZ power supply

those are the major stats.

i've tried replacing the SATA cable, ensured all my connections, the ide hard drive is jumpered on cable select. the thing is the only thing i removed was the sound cardand i double checked all connections that could possibly have gotten bumped...
when booting with an xp disc it says that windows is installed on my sata drive and using a repair console i've confirmed that the drive and all it's files are accesible. the bios recognizes all my connected devices on startup without any issue with all the correct statistics and model numbers... HELP

so xp says its installed?
it just wont boot?

sounds like the bootloader is damaged, you can fix this by sticking in an XP cd, and hitting R to go into the recovery console (like dos). Login then type help for a list of commands. I think the one to reinstall the bootloader is fixboot