Hello all, I'm new here, my name is eddie. I have an IBM T22 that the liquid screen has shadowes streaking across from left to right. the color is effected because pictures look awfull. I don't want to buy a new puter if I can fix this. Does anyone know if it can be fixed, cheap?

Eddiy H

Try degaussing.

I just had to look that up, makes sence. i'll give4 it a try. thank you!!


Try degaussing.

uh... forgive me, but the last time I checked, a T22 is a laptop. De-Gaussing is something you do to a tube monitor, because it uses magnets to wave the stream of electrons about on the screen.

Laptops don't use tubes. They have a liquid-crystal display (which is what Eddie means when he says "liquid screen") and liquid crystal displays don't have magnets in them. Trying to de-gauss a laptop would either do nothing, or wipe the hard disk, depending on how good your de-gausser is.

A laptop screen with variable colour in blotches (as opposed to little sharp lines) has suffered some kind of physical damage. This is fairly hard to do to IBM T series - the case is pretty tough. It might have been dropped or stood on or crushed - in any event, you can either take the whole screen apart and try to make it better - with a very high risk that it won't display at all when you're done - or you can look for some spare parts.

These come at differing levels of replaceability:

1) whole screen from T22 with motherboard fault. Should be a couple of hundred dollars on Ebay

2) Backlight. Cheap, but it might not be the problem, and you have to be a good tools person to get in there.

3) Whole T22 with vital bits (drive, battery, keyboard, memory) missing. This is actually the best bet, because swapping those bits over is low-risk.

Seemed to me like a tube on the pic. In LCD case, I suggest taking it to the repair shop. The easies and the cheapes way. The problem is very simple and easly repaired. For the electician, that is.