Hi all,

Am currently running my systems HDMI output through my lcd tv and it runs fine, however when I switch the input source on the tv to another type (ie Svideo or Scart) and then switch it back to HDMI it will only return with a blue screen saying that there is no signal.

Have been using ATI catalyst control center with desktop area set at 1152*648 (have also tried 1280*720 with a 60hz refresh rate.

Any help would be much appreciated.

System details are

AMD Athlon X2 5200+ Processor (AM2)
AMD 690GM-M2 Motherboard
ATi Radeon X1250 Graphics (SMA)
2048MB DDR2 PC5400 Memory

TV details are

I've seen some video cards that will detect the presence of a TV, and enable the appropriate options for the detected configuration. My Nvidia is like that. If I don't have everything connected, it won't give me the option to change any settings. I believe your video card is detecting a disconnected connection and recognizing it as a lack of a TV altogether, thereby shutting off the video stream to that cable. Look in your video card control panel and see if there is a redect sequence, or an autodetect option that can be enabled. In my Nvidia control panel, I have a redetect sequence that I must do everytime I touch a cable or connection device. Good luck, and repost with results.

Thanks for the suggestion, it's much appreciated. I have checked the settings in control center and there is a setting that forces tv detection, I have enabled this but it still wont display once I shift back and forth between sources.

If forcing a detection doesn't work, then report it to the video card manufacterer. This may be a bug they need to fix, or possible already have a patch for.