Hi all,
just wanted a bit of advice from somebody, my dell d610 processor fried a while ago and i wasn't sure what had happened at the time so i gave it in to be checked. The pc people said it was the processor n they changed it for another of the same speed, but not the same make i think, or something like that, basically it's the same speed but not the same processor. Anyway, there's a really noticable difference in performance now. It's so slow! So, just wanted to ask if what i should do is just reload my system and it'll pick up speed? /there's hardly anything on that laptop, so it can't be lack of memory.
Any advice will be welcome.

go control panel -> system and under computer: it should list your cpu type and speed. post what it says.

it says Intel Celeron M
processor 1.30GHz

What did it have before (are you sure you swapped for the same) - check the sticker

it wont be very fast anyway. The celeron is a low-quality CPU (half the cache of a pentium) and 1.3ghz is slow

I run a similar specced CPU (pentium 3M 1ghz) and ir runs windows 2000 fine but XP is really slow.