Hello Everyone, I am having a very strange Issue.
I'm running windows 2000
Sound Card: VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio (WAVE)

My Microphone is not working when plugged into the mic jack.
It does work when plugged into the line in jack.
The Mic jack does work when plugging in another device such as a walkman headphone jack to the mic jack.

I've checked the playback section in Audio/Volume contols and have tried muting and unmuting the mic check box, the volume is at 75%

I've checked the Recording section in the Audio/Volume controls and the mic level is at 75% and not muted.

I've tried the Microphone in a program called Cooledit pro and in MSN messenger but no luck. On another note the Cool Edit program pics up sound from the mic jack from my walkman

I may just have a bad microphone but when I plug it into the line in jack and blow into the mic, sound/static comes out of my speakers

Speaker work fine

Any suggestions?

P.S. I know the color code system, pink for mic, blue for line in, and green for speakers

Never mind everybody I just fixed my own problem, I didn't reinstall my drivers because the mic jack was working but what I found out is that when I plug the mic leads in all the way they were not lining up, I pulled the lead out just a hair and it fixed the problem

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