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Try taking the battery out, cleaning the metal terminals and putting it back in. Even if you're plugging it into a wall socket, it needs this battery connection to work.


Cleaning the battery connections did not help. The battery is only
3 months old, so they should be pretty clean anyway.


I'm not very knowledgeable about laptops, I only mentioned the terminals thing because I've heard others have this problem.

If you can borrow a friend's (or computer store's) battery, and find that works you've found your problem. A laptop battery should last from 1 to 3 years though, so this is an unlikely cause in your situation.

I assume you charged the battery (joke, sorry but I had to say it).

Sorry I can't be more help. Someone else will have a better idea.


Does the power charger have a light and is it on? These units are often the culprits.

if it's not a power issue, then it's inside the laptop and unless it's in warranty, it's a lot of hassle.

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