i have bought my own pc in 2004 november n hd never problem in it but i observe that whenever i use to turn on my pc it takes 5-10 seconds n then the power led gets on n then some movement is observed in pc like cpu fans starts n all the other functions but in other systems like my frends pc or systems in my college they get started witout taking any time like as i push the on button the cpu fan get started and all the other functions...

now from 2 weeks back whenever i am pushing the button on. i am hearing cut-cut-cut sound from my cpu unable to recognize whether it is coming from mother board or hard disk n this continues for 5-8 minutesn then the power led is getting on but cpu fan starts working as soon as i push the button on.

n after that system is not booting properly whenever it starts to boot it get re-start, after 5-6 time of re-start it says that window was not able to start beacause there was a change in
hardware configurations but i did not change any hardware configuration in my pc. it ask whether to start windows normally or the other options n i select normal window to start up n then it gets normal boot up n system works perfectly no problems while running games n other operations

i tried selecting option to start windows with best recent configuration but still i am facing the same problem n now from 2-3 days back my system is getting automatically restart after system is on for 4-5 hours.

plz help me what should i do

i am sorry my english is not good n above that i had written a lot of words too but i just want that my problem to be understand by anyone who reads it

I'm thinking your Power Supply Unit (PSU) might be on it's way out, but someone else might have another idea.

PSU's are not all that expensive for a 350W or 400W one, but I'd wait to see if there's a more simple solution from someone (does anyone know if a flat CMOS battery cause this?)

yes ur rite that some time psu is kept on but why this clunk clunk sounds come from my hard disk when i turn on my computer n after 5-8 min it gets stop n then computer gets started n their also i get a problem it restart 4-5 times n then system get booted i mean then windows get started..

i heard when hard disk starts damaging this clunk sounds come n it keeps on coming but here in my case it come only when i turn my system on for 5-8 minutes

Sorry, I obviously didn't read your first post properly.

If your hard drive is making a tick-tick sound, like it's turning on and off, it may be about to die. I'd start by backing up any essential stuff (like work/school documents) onto a disk right now just in case.