have more than one OS on my computer (Windows 2000 pro and Ubuntu Linux) and I am having a problem with a new Wireles keyboard/mouse combo. The wireless receiver only has 1 interface (USB). The keyboard and mouse work fine inthe BIOS area and once the computer has loaded an OS, but before the OS starts to load I get the "Choice" menu where I get to choose which OS to load (bootloader menu). Here the Keyboard does not work at all and I can not choose which OS to load, it simply loads the default OS after the timer expires. This happens to me in ALL computers which have multiple OSs installed when using wireless keyboards with USB. If the wireless receiver has a PS/2 interface for the keyboard there is no problem. What am I doing wrong?

Hello and Welcome to DaniWeb ,not really positive but will offer my 2cents ,this i think is a common problem with usb keyboards ,its like you are in limbo when you are at the point of choosing what one to boot too.
only suggest i cam make to be sure that usb legacy devices are set to enabled in the BIOS.
we also have a Linux section maybe you could question them there too.link for linux section below .good luck