Twice recently my Dell Dimesion 5000 has failed to power up. As if dead.
The on light flashed yellow faintly, but otherwise there was no sound or movement anywhere.
Both times it suddenly revived an hour or two later.
In both case the mains power had been off. The first time after a house fuse blew.
The second time after I'd happened to have unplugged the machine for an hour or two. And I'd done a normal power down first.
From the usual power-up and power down there is no problem - which suggests that the issue is related to having the machine off the mains supply.
I'm pretty technically competent. But this has me puzzled.
Is there any explanation for this?

First and last mistake was puchasing a Dell. Dell is largest rip off for computer hardware yet. Never buy a computer from a name brand outfit unless you are getting a Laptop. Custom build is always the way to go for the most bang for the buck.

Sounds as though the Power Supply has some kind of serious issue. Wouldn't suggest running the machine any further as you may damage other parts if it already hasn't. Also the fact it came back on means it is heat related. Most likely the power supply isn't powering properly which is causing the overheating. Since you have a Dell I hope you're under warranty still.

The computer works perfectly, normally. Only when the mains power has been off is there a problem. It feels more like an issue with stored power,rather than operating power, if that makes any sense.

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