I got up this morning to check my e-mail so when i opened my laptop i pressed the powere button to resume it from hibernation and about 2 minutes later the hardrive stoppped and the screen went blank.

It was plugged into the AC adapter and had the battery in. i went to a bunch of forum the past few hour trying to figure out if it was a common problem it seems like it may be.

But first i checked to see if the AC cable was working. the light was on and then i checked it with my multimeter output was 19.87v within spec according to the lable on the adapter. So i removed the battery and plugged in the adpter again, nothing. Then i went to my desktop to search online.
I found a thread about a common problems with the PGN models and it was about disconnecting the internal system battery. it told me to remove the keyboard and then the battery should be there. nothing is under the keyboard execpt for the top case of the cd-rom and the connector for the keyboard. i found another thred about the AC jack being defective. i removed it from the computer completely and plugged it into the adapter with the adapter into the wall same thing checked voltage 19.87v so the jack has clean good connection. .

I read it may be the power board or the mother board. im not sure if its the same thing or not. i know about electronics but not about PCs or Laptops. Any help in diag would be muchly appreciated.


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i reassembled my laptop and i tried pluging it in without the battery in and hepld down the power button and inserted the battery i heard 5 clicks. i removed the battery reinserted it and then pressed the power button same thing 5 clicks. i have no idea what this means

Do the clicks sound like their coming from the hard drive or somewhere else in the computer?

no not from the hardrive, they are really quiet clicks almost unnoticable, it seems they are comming from the battery area or close proximity to the battery.

Try starting it with the battery removed and see if that works.

already did that

Ok the clicks sound like they might be the computer trying to start up but for whatever reason it does not have enough power. Similar to starting a car without any petrol. This means that it is probably your powersupply/adaptor. See if you can fine a new one cheap on ebay or something and try that. Or if you have a friend with a similar model laptop then borrow his and see if it makes any difference.

from original post:

But first i checked to see if the AC cable was working. the light was on and then i checked it with my multimeter output was 19.87v within spec according to the lable on the adapter.

its getting power at least from the ac-dc adapter. or the cable is providing power i am sure of that. the cable is good.

You aren't alone with this problem! My notebook is of the same series and this past Friday it completely quit, just like yours. When I get this one figured out, I'll let you know.

i would appreciate that, i am planning on taking it to a repair center but right now i am constrained. so any help is appreciated.

My Sony VAIO VGN-FS760/w has done the same exact thing. A knowledgeable friend feels it is the that the internal power source has gone bad. Just heard of a recall yesterday on Sony laptops for overheating, but not this model. I looked around for a used model so I could just slip in the hard drive instead of paying an arm and leg for mine to be repaired, but everyone I looked, it seemed that all the ones offered for sale have this very same problem.


Cindirelle, Jtschupp04

i have exactly the same problem, on the same notebook model

could you adise me if your problem was solved

thanks on advance


I am having the same problem with my VAIO. It was in hibernation working fine, later it was completely dead. I tried using someone elses battery ( we all have identical VAIOs from work), and I also tried using the dock to route the AC through the dock port in case it was something with the AC jack on the back. Nothing... I have seen threads that said to leave it unplugged and battery removed for many hours, and it will work. I am going to try this and I will let you know. Good luck and please share your findings of you do find a solution.


Same thing here...working fine and then no lights, nothing...If anyone finds solution or even any suggestions, sure would be welcome

Hi I have a light when I hold down the start button then is sounds like there is an attempt at a start up- three noises from the computer and then nothing - there is a click and then the lights go out and it won't start.

I have the same problem but haven't find the answer either. Will come back if I do.

don't know if anybody fixed this,but my opinion is that the motherboard crashed from the heat and it's not recoverable,
i can't even hear the beeps,no lights,no fan,nothing,kaput,dead

I had to get back and tell ya that i finally fixed it :)
I removed the motherboard's battery and leave it like that for 5 minutes
when i put it on and plugged in everything worked like a charm
hope this works for you too

do you have a nvidia motherboard ?


I have a Vaio A497XP which had the same problem.

Removing the cmos battery worked for me as well.

Thanks manipulator


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Just had the same happen to my VAIO VGN-A317S.

Can anyone tell me where the CMOS battery is, so I can try removing it?


Just had the same happen to my VAIO VGN-A317S.

Can anyone tell me where the CMOS battery is, so I can try removing it?


well if anyone paid attention the problem above sounds like the nvidia defect problemgoogle it - so call / go into the place you got it from

my Sony vaio svf15213snb won't power on, no lights, no display, no sound... plz help

Got a Fw51zf with the same problem, yesterday all good then dead.. After the hibernation.. How do i remove the motherboards battery? Any vids around?

The CMOS is also a computer chip on the motherboard, but more specifically, it is a RAM chip. This is a type of memory chip which stores information about the computer components, as well as settings for those components. However, normal RAM chips lose the information stored in them when power is no longer supplied to them. In order to retain the information in the CMOS chip, a CMOS battery on the motherboard supplies constant power to that CMOS chip. If the battery is removed from the motherboard or runs out of juice (e.g. a dead CMOS battery), the CMOS would lose the information stored in it. Any settings you made in the CMOS setup would be lost, and you would need to make those settings changes again after a new CMOS battery was put on the motherboard. For example, with a dead CMOS battery the time and date will reset back to the manufactured date if it has been off for a long period of time. it is also the only batery you will find on the motherboard so dont worry about removng the wrong baterry.

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