Hey Guys,

Basically I've had this problem where my PC boots to a black screen randomly after the initial loading/splash screen. After much Infuriating testing the GPU, RAM and MOBO i discovered the problem was the the DVI to analog adapter. I discovered this when i tried booting up my machine on my friends LCD monitor and discovered it rebooted correctly every time. I tehn did some reading online about some monitors being confused when booting whether to boot in analog or DVI so it defaults to DVI do to the cards stock port and sometimes choose analog randomly causing the successful boots. Unffortunitly i've been unable to find a solution that doesn't involve buying an LCD screen

Any ideas would be great



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Hello ,Adapters_i had use one a while back with out problems but they sure can cause problems[seen a so called techie send a new motherboard back from a new computer he was building for a customer because of no display on screen when using one ,until i told him what his problem might be and sure enough it was, he was using one ] ,i think to make sure you have a good one and the right one is important .make sure its a dvi-I i think ,check differences in the link provided ,good luck


Thanks mate, I used the same adapter on my 7900gs for ages when i started getting the problems but now i have a new XFX 8800GT xxx edition and it has the problem.

The adapter i'm using is very strange all of mine look the same, i've posted what mine looks like i'll try to find a pic of one on the net

Okay found out what it is it's a A DVI-A adapter which one should i use for my GPU?

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your gfx card should have come with one.

My x1650pro does (1 dvi and 1 vga)

it always works fine for me (vga)


So I should buy a DVI to VGA adapter then?

And no my card didn't come with one.

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