Hello people,

Well I am having problem with this motherboard. I was getting random reboots, now I have no signal that makes the monitor acknowledge that the POST is active. All I get are 2 beeps followed by 5-7 beeps kinda hard to follow them. After that for about 5-10 seconds the pc turns off it self. This is an Intel Motherboard, here is a link to their manual aswell. ftp://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/c6413602_en.pdf

The Memory on the board is a single dimm of 1g @ ddr pc 3200 Samsung brand.
Would love your reply on your views and other resolutions that I might have not put in practice.

2 beeps in board lingo usually indicates a VGA problem. try a different VGA card.

I should have mentioned that aswell, I did put another card on there aswell and same problem. I have an AGP card on it aswell, but the motherboard itself has a built in video card which makes it dificult for me to access the bios. Not sure now on what to do.:eek:

a little clarification needed.
at this point you are a) not getting anything b) a series of beeps.
if (a) then you might try removing/disconnecting everything and try another PSU that is known to be good.
if (b) after having removed/disconnected everything connected to the board, drives, etc. (leave RAM in) the BIOS and/or CPU may be damaged. did you at least plug the PSU into a computer grade power strip previously when it WAS working?
You need to go slow at this point guarding that you don't get ahead of yourself.

A) correct I have nothing on the screen.
b) A series of beeps I get with a blank screen after 10 seconds pc turns off.
I will try to disconnect everything and restart from scratch hopefully this works. I came to a conclusion that If this does not work it most likely will be the motherboard at fault?
Once again thank you for your help.
The PSU is a new one and the old one was returned for not having enough juice to power up the system.

error in(at this point): BIOS, board, CPU. generally in that order.
most new hardware is usually quite stable, that said, there's always the possibility of a bad apple or combo thereof.
if your don't already have one invest in a computer grade power strip, saves a lot of grief down the road. power surges/spikes happen all the time, the source of which could come from anywhere at anytime.