Just a major/minor problem has been reccently afflicting my (bf's) computer...

- computer starts up (and stays on) when plugged into the AC adaptor, and the connection is anything but loose.
- the battery charging symbol shows that it's charging, and occasionally that it is directly on AC power (while it's supposedly at 0% and charging) BUT it never gets above 0% battery charge.
- the battery is absolutely drained and the computer will not start up unless the AC adaptor is in.
- the battery held charge for appx 3 hrs 2 weeks ago, before this whole thing started.
- I tried taking out and reconnecting the battery, but it was a no go and changed the charge reading from 7% to 0%...

the computer is a 1 yr old Asus Z91N that was brand new.. a year ago :rolleyes: however, my biggest worry is that I jarred something on the motherboard that messed up the charging circuit...

any suggestions? ^^;

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well, from my other experience, if the battery was dying, it would slowly retain less and less charge. plus it had charge for 3+ hrs about 2 weeks ago, and just hasn't been able to charge since...

unfortunatly, i don't have another battery to test it with..



Well it seems the battery utility itself is behaving alright.

What I think is the problem is that somehow, you've blown out the battery. ;)

I'm seconding goldeagle's advise...

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