I've bought a Acer laptop and am trying to open the casing to install an extra RAM module.
I can't undo one screw (all the others are fine with the small jewellers screw drivers I've been using)
The screw head isn't looking too flash after a couple of attempts.
Acer support have said that because I damaged the screw the warranty doesn't apply!
I tried pointing out that maybe the fault was with their computer and if I can easily undo all the other screws it suggests that I'm not at fault but to no avail....

Any tips on how to get the darn screw out?

Computer is an Acer 4710Z with 512 RAM and running Vista (so in serious need of extra juice!)

Thanks :(

Is it 'cause the slots are chewed so the driver can't engage the head properly? If so get some super glue, glue the tip of the driver to the screw head, you'll need something like a peg to hold the driver upright while the glue dries (this is an art not a science :) ) Hopefully this will give just enough purchase to losen the screw enough - before the glue gives out - to get it undone.

Otherwise you'll need to damage the cover to snap it off, get the screw out with pincer nosed pliers. Then you can attempt to get a replacement cover from Acer direct. If you dig around for manufacturer conatcts and get through to the right department you can get replacements for just a few bucks including postage, in fact you might want to do that first and *then* rip off the existing one safe in the knowledge it's expendable.

LOL - I was thinking about supergluing the screw-driver in but thought that was wacky even for me :)

Thanks! Might give that a go if Acer don't come to the party

Any tips on how to get the darn screw out?

use the correct screw driver! ram covers are usually secured with a Star screw [5 point]and not Phillips screw[4 point ] like the others ,you could try a tiny flat head screwdrive ,i do