hi, i just got a new game 'The witcher' and i did not realise i needed a 1gb RAM, so the gameplay is jerky and unplayable. I dont know much about comupter hardware so i was wondering if anyone could tell me the best (and cheapest) RAM i could get to have decent gameplay.

go to this site and either let it scan your PC, or choose your make and model from a list.

It will tell you what ram you need, how much your pc can take, how much it has already, and whether it needs to be installed in pairs. You can buy from them too.


I doubt that game will run on your pc though. It is 1gb ram minimum and it needs a really good grahics card

yo thanx for the help, mostly jbennet. I've ordered new 2gb of RAM so hopefully it shud work now :D

For future reference you may want to try this website:
You select the game before you buy it, and it scans your system to see if the game your selected can be played by your computer. It also shows you what you would need if your computer does not pass any criteria of the minimum and recommended specifications of the game.