A week gone last Friday at work a tester PC's outer casing came into contact with a bare 240Volt live wire (The less said about the events leading up to that situation the better!!).
Needless to say the PC got very unhappy and refused to work for the company any longer.
A replacement (identical) motherboard was purchased and fitted into the PC. This calmed the PC down and it decided to change it's mind about resigning and started working again.
OK , so far, so good, however, now when the PC boots it loads about 3/4 of the Windows 2000 (progress bar on Intro screen) and then blue screen of death with a


It transpires that during the PC's dead period an engineer (Sticking his nose in where it did not belong) took the hard drive from the machine and tried to boot another PC from it.
The theory which is being tossed around is that when the hard drive was placed into the 2nd PC it did not recognise the environment it was in and locked down Windows.
I'd like to know if this theory makes sense and also does anyone have any ideas on how to remedy the situation.
Unfortunately, when a spare drive which was supposed to have a ghosted image of the drive on it was produced there was nothing on the drive at all(I know what you are thinking, but please ,don't blame me , I am merely a spectator in all of this.)
The drive contains test routines and drivers for test cards unique to the machine in question and therefore a complete writing off the drive or it's contents is unfortunately an option which noone wants to consider.

Don't recall the exact proceedures but this routine works on XP and MAY work w/2K. Boot up with the original install disk and (somehow) install the OS on a seperate partition. Once the OS is up and running you may be able to access the drivers on the otherwise dead partition. Not much promise here granted but it's the only one you have short of a visit to a data recovery outfit.

I shall pass this on. Thanks for the reply and I'll let you know how they got on.