Hello Everyone {experts},

I am a quite "pedestrian" computer user. But have run up against a "Bios" problem I am curious to "solve/cure". One of my computers, at home {e-machine}, has a Phoenix award Bios {about 3 yrs old} that during the last week began to post strange errors. The saga started with my installed Motherboard monitor "temp" listing turning to "0's", in temperature readings, then after a restart it "hung" at the bios screen indicating a "floppy disk failure "80"". So I unplugged the unit, vacuumed out the box thoroughly, checked connections, etc. After starting up it didn't hang at bios any longer --- seems ok. But I noticed the "temp" still didn't register. So, I did a restart & entered bios to check "PC Health" and noticed that the only thing listed was "fan speed" but such items as "Voltage VCore, Voltage +2.5V, etc. & system temp, CPU temp were all "MISSING" in the bios "PC Health"!!!
I am curious if this is a "clear" indication that the Bios is failing, motherboard is failing, etc.
Hoping someone can suggest most appropriate/prudent action to take {in order to avoid any/all serious consequences}!!

Thanks for reading and taking the time to evaluate/respond,


Three years is a long time for a CMOS battery (the one that looks like a shiny waffer), replace as a first step. The second is a bit tricky, i.e. reflash the bios itself. If you're not confident enough to do so yourself have someone else or better yet have a service rep handle it.

Thanks immensely for taking time from your professional schedule to consider my bios dilemma! I will replace battery in the next day {or so} & report my e-machines response.
Gods best to you,


In some small way you may find it easy to pass something along that you do well to someone else and you may never know when or where you may need the same sentiment returned.

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