Hello, I have a computer I built about 2 years ago maybe a little longer. I recently upgraded my DVDRW drive from IDE to Sata. Now more times then not when I insert a cd the drive begins to spin it and then shuts down. It takes me a while with trying to turn it back on before it does. Can anyone help me out with some advice to as why is may be doing this? Also when I hook the old IDE on back up it works properly

Computer is a MB MSI Neo 865e Platinum Edition
Processor 2.9ghz Celeron socket 478
Ram PC3200 512x2 1 gig in total
ATI All in Wonder 2006 edition AGP
Maxtor 320 gig hdd IDE
Windows XP Media Center 2005
New DVDRW is a Sony Optaric NEC 20x Sata

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