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This is my very first post on this forum so - hello everyone!

I'm trying to get to grips with RAM testing. I have 2 x 512MB sticks in my PC, one of which is brand new and the other is a year old. I'm using Crucial CT6464Z335 on an Asus P4S333 mobo running Award BIOS revision 1007C. I recently ran a variety of RAM-testing utilities and got a mixed bag of results. My memory failed the WStride-6 test in Windows Memory Diagnostic (WMD) and also failed the Modulo20 test in MemTest86+. The memory passed MemScope and MemTest (HCI). BTW, I'm testing both sticks of RAM simultaneously.

Clearly, the different utilities use different algorithms, which is no doubt why my memory passes with some utilities but fails with others. Although my PC appears to be running without any problems, I'd feel more comfortable if the memory passed the WStride-6 test and Modulo20 test. I've checked the BIOS memory settings and it is set to [By SPD].

So, I have some questions. Is it possible that the failures are caused by the cache rather than the RAM itself? Are the WStride-6 and Modulo20 tests unrealistic?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for the feedback. You may well be right. Perhaps I'm concerning myself unnecessarily. That's why I said "Are the WStride-6 and Modulo20 tests unrealistic"? My guess is that there are probably a lot of PCs out there that would fail these tests. But, in normal day-to-day use, it makes not a scrap of difference. If someone can prove me wrong, that's fine. I'm more than happy to change my mind!


when using memtest86 you should test one stick of ram at a time .

According to the Memtest86.com website, "Once a memory error has been detected, determining the failing SIMM/DIMM module is not a clear cut procedure." It then goes on to say "By selectively removing modules from the system and then running the test you will be able to find the bad modules." The implication from this is that, at the outset, all modules are tested simultaneously - not one at a time.


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