Greetings everyone
My cd rom seems to be posessed. It automatically opens every time i turn my pc on, it works normally though all throughout the time i use it.

Another thing happens when I attach my CDRW the pc can't seem to detect my CDROM.
When I start my PC it doesn't show in the BIOS part... When i plugged it in the first time it seemed to be okay and then after i turn it on again no more CDROM, and sometimes both CDRW and CDROM.:confused:

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I've no idea why your CD drawer openes, but I gather that your CD/RW is USB?

If you connect it (if it is USB) press start > right click My Computer and select Manage.

Click Disk Management > Right click your CD/RW drive and select Change drive letters and paths...

Click Change > then select a new drive letter and click ok and ok on any message that pops up. Your CD/RW should now be seen in Windows Explorer.


thanks for the reply but nope it's not usb...
any suggestions anyone?:)


umm the normal type? i forgot what its called you know the on that you actually attatch inside the pc. It's attatched to the voltage and the big white plu where the data passes I forgot the name..what is it again?

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