my laptop takes a long time to start-up and applications run very slowly. Slometimes, switching between windows takes several seconds and the mouse may freeze for seconds too.Please help me!!!i need my laptop urgently!

Going to need all of the specifications that you can give me on the laptop before i say its anything. Try to fill this out

OS(operating system, Mac/Windows 9x ME NT 2k XP/Linux):
Processor (CPU):
Hard Drive (size and make):
Sound Card:

that should give us a better idea of your system. Also did this just start, or has this been somthing that has happend since you got the laptop, being the latter it might just be that you have a slow laptop, being the former, it could be a virus or software issue. eithery way gonna need the specs on your system.

Just to do some things that might help right off the bat.

Go to
(assuming windows)
Start>Program Files>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup

run that and have it clean everything. then

Start>Program Files>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragmentor

run that, Assuming you may be on an earlier version of windows in the 9x series, i would recomend a Scandisk too.