Hey guys,

I am having a problem with my Dell inspiron 9200 .

A few weeks ago my laptop started to flicker from ac to batt. and right back again once in a while.
then recently I started to notice that when I plugged it in there would be a crackling noise in the back near the ac jack. I think I found online that there is a problem with dell's ac jacks solder connections coming loose and shorting out. So I figured that was my problem.

I also more recently began getting a strange message saying that the device in the usb port was not recognized--- even know I had nothing plugged in. and now it jst freezes up completely after a few minutes. I did smell a slight burning smell one night before the freeze ups started

My question is -- Is my motherboard fried??
what is up?

thank you guys in advance

yes, return it or buy a new one

I have fixed a few of these problems with older compaq's and other laptops. I don't know how adventureous you are or how savvy you are with a soldering gun, but, if it is not too late you may be able to save it. The first thing you should do is save your data! If it is under warranty have DELL fix it, again save your data. If you do decide to tackle it be careful because some of the newer motherboard designs are a multi-layer deal and can be tricky to solder with. I have actually seen one case where someone's motherboard actually burn't up in the area of the ac adapter and caused a puff of smoke. Continued use as it is now may eventually ruin the motherboard, if it has not already. Good Luck. Also for anyone wanting to attempt to repair their laptops, the best method I have found is to use a piece of cardboard and draw small diagrams of your laptop as you disassemble. As you take the screws out put them in the appropriate diagram on your cardboard. Slow and easy and don't force anything. Once you get the screws out there are little clip like holders that usually snap together to hold the top and bottom pieces together. Laptop repairs can be intimidating, but the fear of the unknown can be overcome by attempting it.