I've had a backlight problem on my Toshiba Satellite A100 for a while now. After researching for days on the net i was sure it must have been an inverter problem. My screen would show everything perfectly fine for a little while but would then go black but the screen was still there as you could see when shining a torch on it and the whole system also runs fine when an external monitor is used. So i replaced the inverter but in the excitement i forgot to put this little flap under the screw when i put the new inverter in. (See picture 1) It should have looked like this (Picture 2) I closed up the laptop and booted up and it ran fine for about 10 minutes then the same problem started again. Im still almost certain its an inverter problem, could i have damaged the inverter by having the screw directly in contact with the inverter board? When i opened the screen back up and discovered that id forgotten that little flap i unscrewed the board , put the flap in place and tried again but still have the same problem...

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)



The flap is a grounding connection. I doubt you hurt the inverter by forgetting it. I do think thtat a bad inverter was caused by something else, and it either fried or shut down the new inverter. Was the screen hissing right before it failed? If it was, then the connections at the ends of the backlight are bad, causing an overload of the ionverter. Most inverters have an overload feature which turns off the backlight if there is a problem. Try plugging in another backlight and see if it lights up. But a word of caution here, 1500 volts are just waiting for an unsuspecting finger to meander too close. Those volts get restless and want to travel. Try and repost. Good luck and be careful.

Thanks for the reply mate. No the screen doesnt make any noise at all when it goes off, the backlight just goes off queitly, its a completely silent problem. I've had one person tell me i would have to replace the entire lcd panel, another tell me i probly just have to replace the CCFL tube, and another tell me it could be the "connection between the invertor and theccfl is the problem, if it is to do with the voltage or connection imnot sure". So im really confused as to what it could be. Unfortunatly i dont have another backlight that i can test with :( I dont want to fork out for a new lcd screen when it could be something smaller than that, is there any other tests i can perform to fugure out what the problem is? Thanks very much again for the response.

Have you tried to uninstall / reinstall the graphics driver? What about BIOS upgrade?