hello ,i have windows xp sp2 home edition (os),it was working fine ,2 days back i got some form of infection (virus-spyware-malware)it made my computer hell ,i couldnt remove it with any standard or known protection systems ,tried so many ,then it went worse a pop up came on my screen saying your sytem is shutting down by nt user ,so i thought i will reformat C-drive and reinstall os(winodws sp2 ) i loaded the original cd ,but when i open my computer now it beeps once ,i get inital screen of everything ,then it says windows is inspecting and configuring your hardware and i die out in a black screen and nothing happens,and without the cd its the same i die out in black screen,windows doesnt boot and i cant even get to the safe mode or logo screen,i have an old hard disk i used on the same computer its working fine ,does this mean my hard disk is the problem ?is it dead ( by the way its only 3 months since i been using it ,never had anyproblems except for this infection,has it crashed my hard disk ?any information or solutions will be helpful ,thanks in advance

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have you tried starting the PC in safe mode or use the last known good configuration. for now remove the HDD let it remain out of the PC for at least 1 hour. then re-attach boot to safe mode

PLEASE ensure the HDD is the only HDD connected and set to master (If you are using IDE)

thanks for your reply,the problem is i cant get evn to the f8 option page ,it doesnt load ,i get black screen and i am stuck nothing happens ,

What type of drive is it IDE or SATA
Do you have Access to another PC
Do you have a Windows XP Cd( Bootable)


Ye that worm prolly messed up with the HD, I'd try conecting it to another computer and format it.
Then set it back to master, put it back on urs and run windows cd, see if u can reinstall.

Ofc if u have some important stuff u should try to get access to it first. Since it has windows on it and its pretty messy I suppose u'll need to put it as slave and try in a different computer.

Are you familiar with programs used to restore data using DOS?

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