I have a Satellite A10 Laptop Model number PSA10C035WM, I was running AVG Free antivirus when I came back to my laptop the computer had crashed saying that C:/windows32 Config file is corrupt or missing.The CD Rom won't read the recovery disk and I have no floppy drive.I have the CD To be read first in the Bios and still no luck.The computer supports PXE networking.I have never booted in this mode.If anybody could help with this type of booting it would be much apprieciated.

Apparently the CD drive is defective, and, until you get it to work you're going nowhere.
PXE networking requires access to another compatable server and it still won't help if you can't get into the prime OS.

USB Floppy Drives are only about $20 and USB CD Drives are about $60.
You may want to consider looking into either of these to give you another method to boot, if it turns out that you can boot using the USB Drive then once you're recovered you should be able to check to see if your laptop's cd drive is bad and you can replace it, plus you'll have a USB drive around in case you need it in the future, and imho they can be pretty handy.