Im visiting my parents and they just installed a new printer on their pc, it told them to restart the pc so they did. however the pc would not restart so my mom decided to pull the plug out of the wall and put it back in, now when i try to turn it on the power supply lights up, the cd rom lights up but the hdd light does not light up nor does the power light, also the mouse and keyboard do not light up and they are connected through the usb. the post screen does not show up nor does anything, the monitor just says no signal. I tried switching out the graphics card and hdd but it did not do anything, any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Here are your possibilities:

1.) RAM trouble, try switching some RAM around if you have any spare.

2.) Or mobo (motherboard) trouble. The motherboard might have been damaged or is corrupt, in this case, you are going to have to buy a new one.

I had a similar problem to this a while ago, and clearing the CMOS memory fixed it. probably worth a try before looking into replacement mobos.

Yea it was the Mobo, I changed it out and now its back to normal, its weird cause the mobo still had the green light on, on it I thought that was a light saying everything was working fine on it but I guess it just meant that it only had power going to it. Also I hope this Mobo doesnt go, since it was difficult finding a socket 754 compatible one at the store, it seems like every thing is switching to the dual core compatible processors.

Yep, and soon to quad cores. The world is changing, and going on.... >.> I need 2.5k for the new comp I am going to get.

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