After turning on I don't see the POST. The screen stays black and the only sound I hear is ventilator noise. The small display just near the main switch with dvd-rom symbol on it lights red. I've pull out the dvd-rom module, replaced the hard drive, battery module and memory plate one after one (I have two of them) - the same result. What can be wrong? One my assumption is the laptop power connector. The central rod in it became loose. I could check it but not sure how to get inside. Can anybody give me a hint? Another assumption is cpu. The only thing I know about it that it's Intel Centrino because of the sticker on the dashboard. Can anybody give me more information about it? To check or replace cpu I also need to know how to open my laptop.

You're probably on the right track with the power prob. Undisturbed CPUs do go bad but almost like never. If you don't know how to open your laptop it's best that you leave it to someone who does.

I have the very same issue with mine and am also not sure how to proceed, please if you find anything out let me know

I had the same problem and I discovered that one of the RAM was bad.Try removing one RAM keeping other at the place.Try this with other RAM as well.If it does not fix the problem then here is the link to the service manual.U can easily open up ur 450 ROG using this.

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