Dell optiplex GX270 wont boot floppy drive clicks on push of the start button with both the light in the power button flashing and the light to the right of it flashing green.

the screen does not even come on.

I disconnect5ed everything including taking out the video card. when i would turn on the computer nothing happens except the lights flash and there is a very faint humming size but that is more than likely just the fan. The green light on the motherboard is always on. Even if have just the HDD connected and boot up nopthing hapopens. Once i reconnect the floppy this 'clicking' sound starts. Its as if it is trying to reads something that isnt there. BUt even if i put a floppy disk in there before pressing the power button it doesnt make any difference.

Anyone any ideas?


Hi, could been the psu from the outset but Dell replaced the motherboard for me, free of charge too and it was out of warranty, as i thought thats what the prob was. Apparently there is trouble with that line of boards. Anyway the problem wasnt solved but the clicking did stop. So i went and bought a Dell PSU as couldnt find an alternative, for which i was ripped off by the way £64+VAT. Anyway, this solved the problem in one way - the computer now works but only with the onboard video, my video card doesnt seem to work! Would this just involve installing the drivers for said board?

Well i would do this only I have no idea what kind of card it is. i know its a Nvidia with model number P118 and also has this other number as well: D33088

this is what it looks like and these numbers can be seen on the board in the pics:

would installing the drivers, if i can find them, solve the problem? Any idea what kind of card this is?

U might try disableling the video in the bios, THEN boot up to safe mode & install the drivers.

but will the comp recognise the video when booted up in safe mode if i have disabled it in the bios? Doesnt make sense for some reason.

I'm assuming that what you're trying to do is install a VGA card instead of using the onboard video system.
In that case disable the onboard in the bios will disable that one, then power down, unplug the PSU, install the VGA card, connect the monitor cable to the installed card then power back up to safe mode, install the enhanced mode drivers, reboot into normal OS mode. You should be happily on your way then. Unless you have a setup for multiple monitors that is.