i recently installed tune-up utilities 2008 which i found in another website
it seems to be very useful
it has all utilities in need..i always use the "1 click maintenance" daily
it has the registry cleaner..the disk defragmenter etc..
after removing 1 of my hard disk
the problems starts:'( ..my pc doesnt boot..it only shows xp's boot screen then it bogs down
is it because of the registry cleaner?:?: i recently read about the problems registry cleaners give..

This is one of the problems associated with this type of application, you can delete parts of your registry. It is important to back up your registry before using a program like this. Can you do a Last known good configuration? Can you get into safe mode?

i also tried Last known good configuration..it didnt work..safe mode?yep..dont know what to do next

Run System Restore and select a restore point prior to last running registry cleaner.

did you backup your registry? if so, boot into safe mode, and restore the registry. if not, you just learned a lesson that registry backups are critical.