My PC has ceased to function and will not boot.

Config:MSI m/b, Intel 2.3Ghz CPU, 512Mb RAM,

The machine is about 5 years old and it had been working fine, and I had left it on hibernate. We had a couple of power cuts lasting no more than 1 second each.

Later (about 45 mins) I found the PC trying to re-start. It would detect the HD, and RAM, load the screen to enter safe mode, normal start-up, start with/without network support etc.

The XP splash screen would come up with the loading bar but it would then crash and restart the sequence.

I powered off , isolated it from the mains and this morning tried to re-boot.

It now only comes up with the MSI energy saver logo, there are random columns on screen - graphics card playing up (?) but nothing else - no beebs - nothing.

I suspect the HD which was replaced 18 months ago, has gone tits-up or there is a serious fault with the motherboard.

Any other ideas?

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was it plugged into a serge protector ! ,does it have a dialup modem in use ,if yes remove it as it could have got the power serge,or the motherboard may have taken the hit .
try hitting f8 on bootup to see if it will give options for safe mode.if it go to safe mode ,go to my computer and right click on the hard drive icon /properties and tools ,and error check to set it to do a chkdsk / fix errors on reboot .

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