Here's my problem, I have one stick of 256Mb that was stock with my computer when I bought it, since then I have purchased a 512Mb stick and when I had both sticks in there at once my games would run slow and my computer would crash frequently. so I removed the 256Mb stick and left the 512MB, not one more problem since, except 512MB isn't enough memory for my games and what I do, is there a way I can install my 256 stick back in and have it set up so my computer uses the 512mb stick has a primary and the 256mb only after the 512mb has been used up?

A lot of the motherboards I've had experiance with are picky when it comes to how they have their RAM installed. Just by chance, are we talking DDR RAM here? I was looking to purchase some more RAM for my machine and in reading up on the overclocking forums discovered that most newer RAM chips need to be installed in pairs. So for me to install 1GB of PC3200 DDR RAM, I need to get two 512MB sticks.

Try either SiSoft Sandra or just googling your mainboard to see if this could be the case with your system as well.

Not quite correct there C#Coder. Sticks DON'T have to be installed in matched pairs!

The problem reported here is simply one of incompatibility. The modules will be made by diffferent manufacturers, at least one of them will inevitably be a cheapish 'generic' or unbranded module, and they simply have problems when installed together. Used individually, I'm sure they'd work just fine. That's a very common problem.

rcrevolution, if you can obtain another 512Mb module the same as the one you've recently purchased, it will almost certainly work. I don't believe there's any way that the two modules you have will ever work toghether, I'm sorry to say. And if you buy a different manufacturer's module as a replacement, it MAY work.

My magazine always advises readers to purchase BRANDED modules made by reputable manufacturers, because there is far less chance of compatibility problems when using them.

Agree Catweasel.. Unless the ram itself isnt compatible they should work.. Try getting an identical match and installing both....

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