Im at a loss to a solution for my problem ..so here goes.
Having played about with he registry entries for my drives, Ive suceeded in wipeing the registry entries for them :/ (attempting to boot quicker after pen drives being added and removed over a period)
I now have a sata harddrive that will not boot.
It contains the operating system and all my programs and settings etc etc. I can access it as a slave.
Ive tried to dskchk p+r. Ive tried to restore the registry from the System Restore folder in the hard drive. Copying the saved registry entry to system32/config. Tried recovery console. Ive tried to scan it as a slave from the master drive on a reboot....no joy:(
Can I ,in anyway ,get this drive to reboot as a master?
Any help would be apperciated as Im Googled-out at the moment...



If I can help with any Mitsubishi GTO / Dodge Stelth queries ,I will be more than willing ;)

You can try this at your own risk: (although I can't be sure this is the problem).

This fdisk command will allow you to recreate the Master Boot Record or MBR. Although this can be dangerous, it is a quick way to fix many boot issues... if you know what you are doing.
1. Click Start
2. Click Run
3. Type CMD and hit ENTER
4. From this dos box command line:


This rebuilds the boot sector of the first bootable hard disk based on current disk structure. The partition table information should not be altered.

This is usually used to repair a damaged, corrupted, or infected master boot record.

P/S: Did you change any jumper settings? (had to ask)

Thanks for the reply!
This wont work as the first original bootable h/d will be the master. Its the slave drive im trying to repair.
I cant get the slave to boot at all ,so no chance of a command line.
Can this be executed through recovery console command prompts?
Waits with baited breath :)


I now have a sata harddrive that will not boot.
It contains the operating system and all my programs and settings etc etc. I can access it as a slave.

I'm confused here.
-How are you booting your system now - what drive are you getting a clean boot from?
-Can you see the drives in Device Manager?

The original master drive will not boot after i deleted registry entry(I know I should have backed up the registry:/)
I can access this drive by booting from another master drive.
I can see my original drive directory from the sustitute master.
All my folders are intact but I cannot get it to boot by itself.
Im getting BSOD in safemode and in recovery mode.
Sorry for not being clear.


Try looking at the boot.ini file on the drive you're trying to access. There should be a boot.ini.backup file located in the /windows/pss directory. You can open it with notepad - change to *all files or you won't see it. It should look something like this:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn

Are you familiar with Tweak UI? If not you may want to download it. It will come in handy sooner or later:


Right, we're onto something!

Ive looked into the PSS directory and all that in there is:

win.ini.backup 1kb
system.ini.backup 1kb
no boot back up.

So, if i copy your code above and create a back-upm folder,will this solve it?
Also, I didnt think Tweak ui was any good for this type of app?Isnt it an appearance tool?

Thanks for the replies, I am learning ;)


Try this first: Start your computer and hit F8 - start with Command Prompt Only

*switch to the drive having the boot problem
*from the command prompt type: c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386, and look for the msconfig.exe file
*execute the app and (crossing fingers) you will be able to see the Boot.ini file
*check it's contents and see if everything is there: compare it to the above post
*if anything is missing you can try using the lines from above

We'll see......

Tweak UI will let you see if the appropriate drives are available (checked marked), under My Computer: Drives


Thanks for the reply
Will give it a try today (just got back from holiday)
Will reply to post as to results



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