I am using a HP DV8000 laptop which has 4 USB ports, it originally came with Windows XP Home installed but I have upgraded to XP Professional (genuine). Each time I plug in a USB device it is correctly recognised but when I plug in any USB 2.0 devices I get a windows message saying that the device would work faster on a high speed USB port. Checking through device manager I have 2 USB controllers listed under the first I have 2 standard host controllers and 2 usb root hubs and under the second controller I have a PCI enhanced host controller and a usb hub listed. When I attach a USB 2 device it appears under the first controller and runs at USB 1.1 speed. I have uninstalled all the USB entries and let Windows reinstall them at the next boot up which it seems to do correctly but the problem persists. On checking the HP support website there was a BIOS upgrade available which I have installed and although it says the upgrade installed correctly I still get the 'USB device will work quicker' message. There does not appear to be a way of accessing any USB settings in the BIOS (there is no settings visible for any devices).

Although the system is usable it is very annoying and any advice on what else I can try to fix it would be gratefuly received

You need to install the motherboard (chipset) drivers and you need xp service pack 2 (xp sp1 only supports usb1)

Yup, update windows to SP2 (as it's genuine you won't have a problem) and then restart.

Go into device manager if they still aren't working and uninstall ALL USB devices. Scan for new hardware using the same once you've done that and it should pick the ports up as USB 2.0

When you start with SP1 it gives them USB1 drivers and doesn't automatically update them usually.

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